Welcome To Antarctica

I will be at Palmer Station in Antarctica from mid-April to late-May.

My journey began on April 8th, 2013–my 26th birthday. I flew from Eugene, Oregon to Punta Arenas, Chile where I  boarded the R/V Laurence M.Gould before sailing south to the station.

I am here in Antarctica to study the genetics of bone mineralization. By understanding the basic biology behind this phenomenon, we can better understand the causes of human diseases such as osteoporosis.

Why do I need to go to Antarctica to study bone mineralization? I’ll get to that later…

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Blog posts may be sporadic, particularly when I am on the boat with limited internet access, but I wanted everyone to have a chance to see what I’m up to while I’m at the end of the world. Feel free to leave comments for me on the site, or send me a message via my contact page. Enjoy!


Neumayer Channel Pano

Hermit Island Pano

Sunrise Pano (Hugin)

More Photos

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